People of the sun


We stayed the night in Spokane, Washington at the Moses’ house, some friends from the production we had participated in in Nauvoo. Barry and his family welcomed us into their beautiful home and had prepared a traditional Native American meal for us to enjoy.

Barry, is a Native American of now what’s referred to as the Spokane tribe, which is lots of tribes now joined as one. They speak Salish and are also known as people of the sun.

They prepared a delicious traditional meal for us. Everything is believed to have a Spirit and so when you prepare traditional food it is important to give thanks and gratitude to the Spirits and connecting with the earth. And so they first took some food from each of the dishes and he then sung a traditional song in his language at which we all joined in. He then prayed in both his language and also in English. The food samples were then taken outside and offered back to the Spirits they had come from, to be enjoyed by the animals. Before eating of the food it is part of the ceremony to first drink some water, which we did. We then ate. The food was incredible and was all traditional to the people and land, we ate Canes root, Salmon, Huckleberries, black moss of the pine trees, potatoes and a few other tasty dishes.


The foods took around two days to prepare as you either cook it in the ground for 2/3 days in whats called an earth oven (click here to read Barry Moses’ blog about one), though you can also do it in a slow cooker (that’s a crackpot to my American friends).


We felt very privileged to join with them and learn more about this incredible civilisation and to take a moment to be thankful for all we were eating.

We stayed up till the early hours of the morning talking with Barry and learning so much about being a leader and working together to achieve incredible results.

Barry taught us about his beliefs and his history. About the local park which his ancestors like him, would go to gather the traditional foods we had eaten earlier and how he worked with the local community to protect and to ensure it is preserved for future generations to also enjoy.

I wish we had had more time to visit the reserve with them and learn more, but we still had a 12 hour drive to go before we got back to Salt Lake City, where we will shortly being flying back to the UK from.


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